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Selected Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects


Miscible and Immiscible Gas Injection

United States of America:
     Arkansas – Nitrogen Injection
     California – Elk Hills – C, D shales (LOAI, CO2, N2, Rich Gas), Eastern Shallow Oil Zone (N2), Temescal
     Louisiana - Livingston, Main Pass 69, Weeks Island, West Hackberry (LOAI)  
     Mississippi - Barbers Creek, Quitman and Mercer, Little Creek
     Montana - Cedar Creek Anticline and Cedar Hills - LOAI
     North Dakota - Horse Creek, Medicine Pole Hills, LOAI, Bakken Shale
     Oklahoma - Stone Bluff, Broken Arrow, Glen Pool, Osage Reservation (3) – all N2
     South Dakota - Buffalo, (LOAI)
     Texas - Barnhart (LOAI, gas and CO2), Barnett Shale, Hawkins, LaRosa North Francitas, Talco (ISC),      Wardlaw, Wasson, West Ganado, West Moore, Wilcox Coal - Enhanced coal bed methane
      Utah – West Rozel
Australia – unnamed reservoir
Brazil - four offshore reservoirs
China – Leng 37 - Liaoning Province (LOAI)
Colombia – three carbonates – rich gas and N2
France - Parentis
Mexico – Chincontepec, Cantarell, Cardenas, Orgario, Rodador
Suriname – Tambaredjo and Calcutta – EOR screening, process selection and design
Venezuela - Tia Juana – gas reinjection

ASP, Chemical and Foam Flooding

United States of America:
     Alaska – Kuparuk (miscible gas foam)
     California - Elk Hills ESOZ ASP pilot and project, ESOZ nitrogen foam
     Oklahoma,- Nowata, Sho-Veltum
     Texas,- Wardlaw, Fairfield

Thermal Recovery

United States of America/Canada:
     Alaska  and Alberta – Ugnu and Peace River
     California – Cymric. Belridge, Kern Front, Midway Sunset, North Antelope Hills,
     Missouri – Vernon County heavy oil (2 projects)
     Montana – MacKay Dome
     Texas, - Days Chapel, Saner Ranch (2,000,000 cp oil), Slocum, Talco
Brazil – three offshore bottom water drive fields
Colombia (2) – difficult 2 billion barrel carbonate reservoirs
Midle east – Quaram, Mukizhna and two unnamed carbonates
Venezuela – Orinoco (3 regions)

Thermal Conduction

Colorado, Mid-Eastern oil shale and 20 US and European superfund projects.

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