Petroleum and Chemical Consulting and Modeling for Enhanced Oil Recovery

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    MKTS specializes in developing enhancing oil production for its clients by modeling the reservoirs of its clients and if requested designing the facilities which will be needed, calculating the investment required and determining the NPV and IRR of the project.

     We can do this because we have worked with many other companies in the last 20 years and know the geophysicists, petrophysicists and petroleum engineers we can trust to characterize a reservoir, evaluate its performance and help us to build our reservoir models.  Our partners in building models have at least 30 years of experience and need little direction from MKTS to provide the data needed to build excellent models of oil reservoirs.

     While, MKTS has been an independent company only since 1997, we have over 40 years of industrial experience in the chemical and petroleum industries and have been modeling enhanced oil recovery since 1979.  Before that we had to write our own models of several industrial processes in the chemical industry.  In addition we have had to select or designing the chemicals needed to mobilize residual oil.

   This means that we understand both reservoirs and facilities needed to produce the oil and the chemicals or gases needed to improve oil production.  Thus, we can manage the contributions of companies which have collectively designed the facilities for 100’s of non-thermal, thermal or chemical EOR projects over the last several decades.

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